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"Remember Me" with enabled totp authentication in WSO2 Identity Server doesn't work

发布于 2020-03-27 15:42:20

I have a running productive WSO2 Identity Server (Version wso2is-5.6.0) and a new clean testing instance (Version 5.9.0) and using identity providers with 2Factor authentication. (basic and totp).

When both of them are active, the "rember me" function doesn't work anymore. When i disable the totp authentication, the "Remember Me" function works and the Session keeps active when the Browser is closed.

Does anybody know, if that's a configuration issue, a error or just doesn't work like that?

Configuration in the deployment.toml:

enable_persistence = true
persist_temporary_data = true
persistence_pool_size = "0"

enable_expired_data_cleanup = true
expire_session_data_after = "14d"
clean_expired_session_data_every = "1d"
clean_expired_session_data_in_chunks_of = "8192"
clean_logged_out_sessions_at_immediate_cycle = "true"

enable_pre_session_data_cleanup = true
pre_session_data_cleanup_thread_pool_size= "20"
expire_pre_session_data_after= "40m"
senthalan 2020-01-31 16:38

This is the bug in the product. Thank you for reporting this. I have created a git issue to track and fix this. We will fix this in the next weekly release.