Atlas - An open source modification of the Windows 10 operating system, designed to optimize performance, and latency.

Created at: 2021-02-08 08:26:23
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An open and transparent Windows operating system, designed to optimize performance and latency.


What is Atlas?

Atlas is a modified version of Windows which removes all the negative drawbacks of Windows, which slumps gaming performance. We're a transparent and open source project striving for equal rights for players whether you're running a potato, or a gaming PC.

Whilst keeping our main focus on performance, we're also a great option to reduce system latency, network latency, input lag, and keep your system private.

Table of contents

Windows vs. Atlas


Atlas removes all types of tracking embedded within Windows and enforces hundreds of group policies to minimize data collection. Things outside the scope of Windows we cannot increase privacy for, such as websites you visit.


Atlas aims to be secure as possible without losing performance. We do this by disabling features that can leak information or be exploited. There are exceptions to this such as Spectre, and Meltdown. These mitigations are disabled to improve performance. If a security mitigation measure decreases performance, it will be disabled. Below are some features/mitigations that have been altered, if they contain a (P) they are security risks that have been fixed:


Atlas is heavily stripped, pre-installed applications and other components are removed. Although this can break some compatibility, it significantly reduces ISO and install size. Functionalities such as Windows Defender, and such are stripped completely. This modification is focused on pure gaming, but most work and education applications work. Check out what else we've removed in our FAQ.


Atlas is pre-tweaked. Whilst maintaining compatibility, but also striving for performance, we've squeezed every last drop of performance into our Windows images. Some of the many changes that we've done to improve Windows have been listed below.

  • Custom Power Plan
  • Minimized Services
  • Minimized Drivers
  • Disabled Unneeded Devices
  • Disabled Power Saving
  • Disabled Performance-Hungry Security Mitigations
  • Automatically enabled MSI Mode
  • Boot Configuration Optimization
  • Optimized Process Scheduling

Brand kit

Want to make your own Atlas wallpaper? Maybe mess around with our logo to make your own design? We have this accessible to the public to spark new creative ideas across the community. Check out our brand kit and make something amazing.

We also have a dedicated area in the discussions tab, so you can share your designs with other creative geniuses and maybe even spark some inspiration!


By downloading, modifying, or utilizing any of these images, you agree to Microsoft's Terms. None of these images are pre-activated, you must use a genuine key.