flipperzero-firmware - Flipper Zero firmware source code

Created at: 2020-08-01 05:43:20
Language: C
License: GPL-3.0

Flipper Zero Firmware


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Welcome to Flipper Zero's Firmware repo! Our goal is to create nice and clean code with good documentation, to make it a pleasure for everyone to work with.

Clone the Repository

You should clone with

$ git clone --recursive https://github.com/flipperdevices/flipperzero-firmware.git

Read the Docs

Check out details on how to build firmware, write applications, un-brick your device and more in documentation folder.

Update firmware

Get Latest Firmware from Update Server

Flipper Zero's firmware consists of two components:

  • Core2 firmware set - proprietary components by ST: FUS + radio stack. FUS is flashed at factory, and you should never update it.
  • Core1 Firmware - HAL + OS + Drivers + Applications.

They both must be flashed in the order described.

With offline update package

With Flipper attached over USB:

./fbt flash_usb

Just building the package:

./fbt updater_package

To update, copy the resulting directory to Flipper's SD card and navigate to update.fuf file in Archive app.

With STLink

Core1 Firmware


One-liner: ./fbt firmware_flash


  1. Download latest Firmware

  2. Reboot Flipper to Bootloader

  • Press and hold ← Left + ↩ Back for reset
  • Release ↩ Back and keep holding ← Left until blue LED lights up
  • Release ← Left
  1. Run dfu-util -D full.dfu -a 0

Build on Linux/macOS

Check out documentation/fbt.md for details on building and flashing firmware.

macOS Prerequisites

Make sure you have brew and install all the dependencies:

brew bundle --verbose

Linux Prerequisites

The FBT tool handles everything, only git is required.

Optional dependencies

  • openocd (debugging/flashing over SWD)
  • heatshrink (compiling image assets)
  • clang-format (code formatting)
  • dfu-util (flashing over USB DFU)
  • protobuf (compiling proto sources)

For example, to install them on Debian, use:

apt update
apt install openocd clang-format-13 dfu-util protobuf-compiler

heatshrink has to be compiled from sources.

Compile everything


Check dist/ for build outputs.

Use flipper-z-{target}-full-{suffix}.dfu to flash your device.

Flash everything

Connect your device via ST-Link and run:

./fbt firmware_flash


Project structure

  • applications - Applications and services used in firmware
  • assets - Assets used by applications and services
  • furi - Furi Core: os level primitives and helpers
  • debug - Debug tool: GDB-plugins, SVD-file and etc
  • documentation - Documentation generation system configs and input files
  • firmware - Firmware source code
  • lib - Our and 3rd party libraries, drivers, etc.
  • scripts - Supplementary scripts and python libraries home

Also pay attention to ReadMe.md files inside those directories.