coroot - A monitoring and troubleshooting tool for microservice architectures.

Created at: 2022-08-22 22:59:07
Language: Go
License: Apache-2.0

Coroot is a monitoring and troubleshooting tool for microservice architectures.

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eBPF-based service mapping

Thanks to eBPF, Coroot shows you a comprehensive map of your services without any code changes.

Log analysis without storage costs

Node-agent turns terabytes of logs into just a few dozen metrics by extracting repeated patterns right on the node. Using these metrics allows you to quickly and cost-effectively find the errors relevant to a particular outage.

Cloud topology awareness

Coroot uses cloud metadata to show which regions and availability zones each application runs in. This is very important to known, because:

  • Network latency between availability zones within the same region can be higher than within one particular zone.
  • Data transfer between availability zones in the same region is paid, while data transfer within a zone is free.

Advanced Postgres observability

Coroot makes troubleshooting Postgres-related issues easier not only for experienced DBAs but also for engineers not specialized in databases.

Integration into your existing monitoring stack

Coroot uses Prometheus as a Time-Series Database (TSDB):

  • The agents are Prometheus-compatible exporters
  • Coroot itself is a Prometheus client (like Grafana)

Built-in Prometheus cache

The built-in Prometheus cache allows Coroot to provide you with a blazing fast UI without overloading your Prometheus.


You can run Coroot as a Docker container or deploy it into any Kubernetes cluster. Check out the Installation guide.


The Coroot documentation is available at


Coroot is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.