palera1n - iOS 15.0-16.2 (semi-)tethered checkm8 jailbreak

Created at: 2022-09-17 20:35:44
Language: Shell
License: GPL-3.0

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An iOS 15.0-16.2 work-in-progress, (semi-)tethered checkm8 jailbreak.

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How does it work?

It boots the device with multiple patches required. On first run, it'll boot a ramdisk which dumps your onboard blob, creates a fakefs (if using semi tethered), installs the loader app, and patches your kernel.


Need help?

If you need help, please join our Discord. We disabled issues due to the flood of spam, and difficulty to respond in general. We are much more comfortable on Discord.

Please, please, please, provide necessary info:

  • iOS version and device (eg. iPhone 7+ 15.1, iPhone 6s 15.3.1)
  • Computer's OS and version (eg. Ubuntu 22.04, macOS 13.0)
  • The command you ran
  • Full log from the logs folder

DO NOT harass tweak devs if tweaks don't work. Refer to here for compatiblity.

You may join here.


Thank you so much to our Patreons that make the future development possible! You may sub here, if you'd like to.


  • We are NOT responsible for any data loss. The user of this program accepts responsibility should something happen to their device. While nothing should happen, jailbreaking has risks in itself. If your device is stuck in recovery, please run one of the following:
    • futurerestore --exit-recovery
    • irecovery -n


  • A checkm8 vulnerable iOS device on iOS 15 or 16 (A8-A11)
    • The device must be on iOS 15.0-16.2
  • Linux or macOS computer
    • Python 3 must be installed.

A10 and A11 devices

  • On A10 and A11, you must disable your passcode while in the jailbroken state.
    • On iOS 16 A10+, if you EVER enabled a passcode on 16, you have to reset through the settings app/restore with a computer
    • On A10, this can be fixed in the future by implementing blackbird.
    • On A11, we don't have a SEP exploit yet.

How to use?

A tutorial can be found here.


Tweaks mode

All repos work when using tweaks mode because it uses normal Procursus and not rootless.


Repos need to be updated for rootless, here are some that work currently:

If you want to make a rootless repo, use the official palera1n repo for reference. Every deb should use the iphoneos-arm64 architecture, and nothing should be on the rootfs. Everything should be in /var/jb.