go-coffeeshop - ☕ A practical event-driven microservices demo built with Golang. Nomad, Consul Connect, Vault, and Terraform for deployment

Created at: 2022-09-18 22:10:42
Language: Go
License: MIT


A coffee shop application with event-driven microservices has been written in Golang. Nomad, Consul Connect, Vault, and Terraform for deployment

Other version can be found at:

Technical stack

CoffeeShop - Choreography Saga


No. Service URI
1 grpc-gateway http://localhost:5000
2 product service http://localhost:5001
3 counter service http://localhost:5002
4 barista service http://localhost:5003
5 kitchen service http://localhost:5004
6 web http://localhost:8080

Starting project

Jump into .devcontainer, then

> docker-compose -f docker-compose-full.yaml build
> docker-compose -f docker-compose-full.yaml up

From vscode => Press F1 => Type Simple Browser View => Choose it and enter http://localhost:8080. Enjoy!!!


Home screen


Payment screen


Order list screen


HashiCorp stack deployment

The details of how to run it can be find at deployment with Nomad, Consult Connect and Vault.

Debug Apps

Debug golang app in monorepo

Trouble shooting

Development project trouble shooting


  • Enhance project structure with DDD patterns
  • Add testing
  • Add and integrate with observability libs and tools
  • Add user identity management (authentication and authorization)
  • Add resiliency