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Created at: 2022-08-15 13:55:55
Language: Python
License: MIT


This repository contains the implementation of BioGPT: Generative Pre-trained Transformer for Biomedical Text Generation and Mining, by Renqian Luo, Liai Sun, Yingce Xia, Tao Qin, Sheng Zhang, Hoifung Poon and Tie-Yan Liu.


  • BioGPT-Large model with 1.5B parameters is coming, currently available on PubMedQA task with SOTA performance of 81% accuracy. See Question Answering on PubMedQA for evaluation.

Requirements and Installation

  • PyTorch version == 1.12.0
  • Python version == 3.10
  • fairseq version == 0.12.0:
git clone
cd fairseq
git checkout v0.12.0
pip install .
python build_ext --inplace
cd ..
  • Moses
git clone
export MOSES=${PWD}/mosesdecoder
  • fastBPE
git clone
export FASTBPE=${PWD}/fastBPE
cd fastBPE
g++ -std=c++11 -pthread -O3 fastBPE/ -IfastBPE -o fast
  • sacremoses
pip install sacremoses
  • sklearn
pip install scikit-learn

Remember to set the environment variables MOSES and FASTBPE to the path of Moses and fastBPE respetively, as they will be required later.

Getting Started

Pre-trained models

We provide our pre-trained BioGPT model checkpoint along with fine-tuned checkpoints for downstream tasks

Model Description URL
BioGPT Pre-trained BioGPT model checkpoint link
BioGPT-Large Pre-trained BioGPT-Large model checkpoint link
BioGPT-QA-PubMedQA-BioGPT Fine-tuned BioGPT for question answering task on PubMedQA link
BioGPT-QA-PubMEDQA-BioGPT-Large Fine-tuned BioGPT-Large for question answering task on PubMedQA link
BioGPT-RE-BC5CDR Fine-tuned BioGPT for relation extraction task on BC5CDR link
BioGPT-RE-DDI Fine-tuned BioGPT for relation extraction task on DDI link
BioGPT-RE-DTI Fine-tuned BioGPT for relation extraction task on KD-DTI link
BioGPT-DC-HoC Fine-tuned BioGPT for document classification task on HoC link

Download them and extract them to the checkpoints folder of this project.

For example:

mkdir checkpoints
cd checkpoints
tar -zxvf Pre-trained-BioGPT.tgz

Example Usage

Use pre-trained BioGPT model in your code:

import torch
from fairseq.models.transformer_lm import TransformerLanguageModel
m = TransformerLanguageModel.from_pretrained(
src_tokens = m.encode("COVID-19 is")
generate = m.generate([src_tokens], beam=5)[0]
output = m.decode(generate[0]["tokens"])

Use fine-tuned BioGPT model on KD-DTI for drug-target-interaction in your code:

import torch
from src.transformer_lm_prompt import TransformerLanguageModelPrompt
m = TransformerLanguageModelPrompt.from_pretrained(
src_text="" # input text, e.g., a PubMed abstract
src_tokens = m.encode(src_text)
generate = m.generate([src_tokens], beam=args.beam)[0]
output = m.decode(generate[0]["tokens"])

For more downstream tasks, please see below.

Downstream tasks

See corresponding folder in examples:

Relation Extraction on BC5CDR

Relation Extraction on KD-DTI

Relation Extraction on DDI

Document Classification on HoC

Question Answering on PubMedQA

Text Generation


BioGPT is MIT-licensed. The license applies to the pre-trained models as well.


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