chatbox - A desktop app for ChatGPT API (OpenAI API) that supports Windows, Mac & Linux. 开源的ChatGPT桌面应用,下载安装包直接运行,prompt 开发神器,Window、Mac、Linux全平台支持。

Created at: 2023-03-06 20:22:15
Language: TypeScript
License: GPL-3.0


English | 中文介绍

A desktop application for ChatGPT API (OpenAI API), also a prompt debugging and management tool

macOS Windows Linux


  • Same fast speed as ChatGPT Plus
  • Data stored locally, no risk of losing it
  • More freedom and powerful Prompt abilities
  • Supports GPT-4 and other models
  • Supports custom domain proxy
  • More features: Markdown, message quotes, word and token estimation, night mode...
  • UI design conforms to ergonomics
  • Comes with software installers, no need for deployment
  • Free and open-source


Supported Platforms:

  • Windows: Please download .msi installation package
  • Mac: Please download .dmg (recommended) or .tar file, already supporting x64, arm64 (please download x64 version for now, it is compatible)
  • Linux: Please download .AppImage (recommended) or .deb file

Download installers:

>>Click here to view all available installers for download<<

Why Use Chatbox?

  • Directly testing ChatGPT API (OpenAI API) might be challenging for those with no programming background. By using Chatbox, you can perform such experiments in a convenient way.
  • Chatbox stores all chat messages and prompts locally, thus reducing the risk of data loss.
  • Chatbox helps you design, debug, and manage prompts, thus providing greater control over the AI interface.


  • [x] AI chat and session management
  • [x] Store all your important message data locally.
  • [x] Markdown
  • [x] Streaming reply
  • [x] API Host configuration
  • [x] Automatically generate tab titles
  • [x] Button for clearing messages.
  • [x] Night/Dark mode
  • [x] message token estimating
  • [x] GPT4
  • [x] i18n
  • [ ] Copy button for code blocks
  • [ ] Stop button for AI message generation
  • [ ] Improved prompt settings
  • [ ] Prompt Library
  • [ ] Talk with files
  • [ ] Talk with URLs
  • [ ] Mobile(Android, iOS)
  • [ ] Cross-device synchronization
  • [ ] Drag-and-drop sorting of tabs
  • [ ] threads(like Slack)
  • More...

How to Contribute

Any form of contribution is welcome, including but not limited to:

  • Submitting issues
  • Submitting pull requests
  • Submitting feature requests
  • Submitting bug reports
  • Submitting documentation revisions
  • Submitting translations
  • Submitting any other forms of contribution

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GNU General Public License v3.0