chatbox - a cross-platform desktop client for OpenAI API, also a prompt debugging and management tool.

Created at: 2023-03-06 20:22:15
Language: TypeScript
License: GPL-3.0


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Cross-platform desktop client for OpenAI API, also a prompt debugging and management tool

MIT License TypeScript macOS Windows Linux

Why use ChatBox?

  • Directly using or testing the OpenAI API can be quite challenging, requiring an understanding of programming, and may lack convenience. ChatBox can help you handle all of the underlying things.
  • ChatBox also saves all chat messages and prompts locally, preventing data loss in online services.
  • ChatBox can help you design, debug, and manage prompts, giving you greater control over the AI interface.

Alternative to ChatGPT Plus?

The idea is feasible. OpenAI also provides a developer API service, which offers the same functionality as ChatGPT Plus and some additional benefits as follows:

  1. Unlike ChatGPT Plus, which charges a fixed monthly fee of $20, the developer API service charges based on usage, resulting in lower overall costs.
  2. The developer API service enables more direct use of the model behind ChatGPT, such as using more flexible prompt role debugging and parameter debugging.


Download here

Supported platforms and architectures:

  • Mac: x64, arm64(compatibility with x64 tested)
  • Windows: x64
  • Linux: x64


  • [x] AI chat and session management
  • [x] Store all your important message data locally.
  • [x] Markdown
  • [x] Streaming reply
  • [x] Api Host configuration
  • [x] Automatically generate tab titles
  • [x] Button for clearing messages.
  • [ ] Chinese language support
  • [ ] Copy button for code blocks
  • [ ] Night/Dark mode
  • [ ] Stop button for generation process
  • [ ] Drag-and-drop sorting of tabs
  • [ ] Prompt and parameter configuration
  • More...

How to contribute

Any form of contribution is welcome, including but not limited to:

  • Submitting issues
  • Submitting pull requests
  • Submitting feature requests
  • Submitting bug reports
  • Submitting documentation revisions
  • Submitting translations
  • Submitting any other form of contribution

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GNU General Public License v3.0