chatbot-ui - An open-source ChatGPT UI.

Created at: 2023-03-11 22:53:14
Language: TypeScript
License: MIT

Chatbot UI

Note: Chatbot UI Pro has been renamed to Chatbot UI.

Chatbot UI is an advanced chatbot kit for OpenAI's chat models built on top of Chatbot UI Lite using Next.js, TypeScript, and Tailwind CSS.

It aims to mimic ChatGPT's interface and functionality.

All conversations are stored locally on your device.

See a demo.

Chatbot UI


Chatbot UI will be updated over time.

Expect frequent improvements.

Next up:

  • [ ] Mobile view
  • [ ] Saving via data export
  • [ ] Folders
  • [ ] Change default prompt

Recent updates:

  • [x] Markdown support (3/17/23)
  • [x] Code syntax highlighting (3/18/23)
  • [x] Toggle sidebar (3/18/23)
  • [x] Conversation naming (3/18/23)
  • [x] Github flavored markdown (3/18/23)
  • [x] Add OpenAI API key in app (3/18/23)


Modify the chat interface in components/Chat.

Modify the sidebar interface in components/Sidebar.

Modify the system prompt in utils/index.ts.



Host your own live version of Chatbot UI with Vercel.

Deploy with Vercel


Fork Chatbot UI on Replit here.


docker build -t chatgpt-ui .
docker run -e OPENAI_API_KEY=xxxxxxxx -p 3000:3000 chatgpt-ui

Running Locally

1. Clone Repo

git clone

2. Install Dependencies

npm i

3. Provide OpenAI API Key

Create a .env.local file in the root of the repo with your OpenAI API Key:


4. Run App

npm run dev

5. Use It

You should be able to start chatting.


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter.