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Created at: 2023-03-16 18:00:54

🚀 The HustleGPT Challenge 🤖

Curated list of HustleGPT endeavors. Feel free to add your HustleGPT adventure with a Pull Request.

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What is it?

On March 14th, 2023, OpenAI announced their newest large language model (LLM), GPT-4. Following the jaw-dropping demo by OpenAI co-founder Greg Brockman, the model took the internet by storm. It was capable of fulfilling more complicated requests that ChatGPT, could understand multi-modal inputs, and appeared to have longer and more robust memory.

Then, on March 15th, 2023, @jacksonfall on Twitter began a movement by prompting GPT-4 to become HustleGPT:

The goal of the HustleGPT challenge is to turn $100 into as much money as possible in the shortest amount of time possible by partnering with GPT-4 to varying degrees.

The Prompt

You are HustleGPT, an entrepreneurial AI. I am your human counterpart. I can act as a liaison between you and the physical world. You have $100, and your only goal is to turn that into as much money as possible in the shortest time possible, without doing anything illegal. I will do everything you say and keep you updated on our current cash total. No manual labor.

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💸 Endeavors

If you're participating and have made at least $1 from your hustle, reach out to @Banjoe__ on Twitter to get verified.

To switch your status block from ⬜️ --> 🟩 we will need proof of a single sale/donation (ex. screenshot, invoice, etc)

Step Description
🟦 Non-Profit
⬜️ Building
🟩 Made $1+

Current Total: 86

Total Money Makers: 8

Name Description Co-Founder Status
🤖 ChatCode Tutor Empowering Your Programming Journey with AI-Powered Conversations. @Banjoe__ 🟩
♻️ Green Gadget Guru Discover the Best Eco-Friendly Products & Tips for Sustainable Living. @jacksonfall 🟩
🏡 GreenovationMarket Quality Sustainable Products for a Greener Tomorrow @Lauren_79 🟩
🌱 Grow Wise Providing AI generated solutions for gardeners @ZiggyCrypto 🟩
💯 The 100k Homepage Advertising Services & Tools for AI / HustleGPT Ventures @the_ai_lecturer 🟩
🎴 Card Pioneers Crafting immersive digital card games for all ages @CardPioneers 🟩
🍸 BarBot AI Bring the power of AI to your Home Bar @JunaidDawud 🟩
🌌 AI Unbound A game crafted by both human and artificial minds @dreamulatorgame 🟩
👥 HustleGPT Discord Join the HustleGPT Community! @davecraige 🟦
😸 MeowMatters Cater to Your Purrfect Companion @xnuonux ⬜️
🎱 Your AI powered oracle @FollowRobJ ⬜️
🐶 FurryFriendsSupplyCo Pet Product Supplier @FurrySupplyCo ⬜️
🗣️ SpeakSphere Innovative language learning platform @visbeek.eth ⬜️
🐸 Epochs of Pepe AI-generated NFT collection @Legendary_NFT ⬜️
🛠️ aitoolsdigest AI Products Affiliate website @Peter_Machowski ⬜️
⚙️ EntrepreneurGPT Autonomous GPT-4 @SigGravitas ⬜️
👤 neckflexpro Boost your neck strength training and performance with our Adjustable Straps. @PythiaWhispers ⬜️
🐾 GreenPawPets Go-to source for eco-friendly and pet-related tips @btcrates ⬜️
✂️ SnippetSage Code snippets at your fingertips! @wooing0306 ⬜️
🍺 EcoSoberBrews Non Alcoholic / Eco Friendly Products @ecosoberbrews ⬜️
🔥 Keto Life HQ Dropshipping Ketogenic Lifestyle products through Shopify @TheUCFDad ⬜️
🎥 Your guide to getting started and growing on Youtube @chriswoods2009 ⬜️
☕️ StressLess Naturals Find calm and balance in your daily life @YashasviVashis1 ⬜️
🥙 Gourmet Savant Food and beverage affiliate website @annieuoaky ⬜️
HarmonAIze Project Crafting innovative, sustainable solutions for common well-being. @HarmonAIzeGPT ⬜️
🌎 Let AI Try Letting AI try to solve the world's problems @andrew_nyu 🟦
🦾 SuperDroid Robots Robots making dangerous and dirty jobs safer and cleaner @stevenuecke ⬜️
🌮 TacoDownload Tacos, Taco paraphernalia, and tasty recipes @TacoDownload ⬜️
🏄 BoardRiderPro It's like having a pro help you buy a board @seanfmcdonnell ⬜️
🪩 Rave Resource Your Ultimate Harm Reduction, Festival Safety, and Conscious Party-Going Companion @Rave_Resource ⬜️
🚥 Neon Lights Music Driven NFTs @JonnyOctober ⬜️
🍏 Buidler Bites Fueling web3 natives with curated meal plans, meal replacements & supplements! @BuidlerBites ⬜️
⚒️ FitLifeForge Forging a Fit Life Journey @white_house_eth ⬜️
⚡️ AIBoostedHacks Revolutionizing productivity techniques using artificial intelligence @AIBoostedHacks ⬜️
🍃 Restimuli ESG Sustainability is your passport for the future @celue ⬜️
💻 Great Open Source Open Source Development: Tools and Technologies for Beginners @k_minutti ⬜️
CopyGeniusAI Empowering Copywriting with AI Innovation @AdAsteras ⬜️
🖼️ Wallscapes Studio Dropshipping Home Decor Products @KenobiDesigns ⬜️
🎛️ Sleek Minimalist Your go-to for affordable, high-quality minimalist products & gadgets. @zalimidis ⬜️
🕹️ Gaming Gear Gaming gear and tech affiliate website @HustleGPT_AI ⬜️
🍹 Best Cocktail Bars Discover the best cocktail bars from across the world @KCartero ⬜️
💪 VivoThrive Empowering Your Wellness Journey @London_lady ⬜️
👕 AIronicWear Unique and humorous AI-themed Clothing @thelazyentrepre ⬜️
🧵 Sustainable Threads Aggregator of Eco-Fashion Brands @sustythreads ⬜️
🐈 TruPetParent Nurturing the Bond Between Pets & Their Parents @Buildthebag ⬜️
🎧 Audiovault Home and Personal Audio from Reputable Brands @alexandercafa ⬜️
🧔‍♂️ AnuBeard Ancient Wisdom of Beard Growth and Grooming @anubeard ⬜️
💡 Pitch Architect Guided startup pitch deck creation @PitchArchitect ⬜️
🌊 The Web3 Wave Web3 Marketing Agency @Cryptoniard ⬜️
🤬 Savage Cards An Extremely Rude Greeting Card Generator @byhazellim ⬜️
🪐 StellarPathways AI Article, e-book and product about Space and Space Industry @StellarPathways ⬜️
👦 PersonalizeMe Affiliate marketing for items that can be personalized @NavalGujrati ⬜️
🕸️ MSP SEO Synergy Uniting SEO & MSPs for success @MSPSEOSynergy ⬜️
🐦 Twitter Clone Twitter Clone built by AI CEO @clbtoort ⬜️
🕹️ GameSpectrum Exploring the World of Gaming @therealwurtzel ⬜️
📚 HigherEd.Tech Elevating HigherEd with Next-Gen Solutions @Total_Payne ⬜️
👨‍🦰 SmartPapa Consulting Empowering stay-at-home dads to succeed as caregivers and entrepreneurs. @meberl ⬜️
🏆 GPT-4 Mastery Unleash the Power of Next-Generation AI @klabianco ⬜️
👌 Validate OK Platform where Indie Makers can validate their ideas @ahmednadar ⬜️
👧 DearAIbby Get some friendly advice from our AI-powered advice columnist @jenniferturliuk ⬜️
🎷 VibeCheck Check the vibe of anyone's texts @jenniferturliuk ⬜️
🏋️ FitnessGPT Nutrition planning powered by AI @NikunjSardhara3 ⬜️
📒 GPT-4 Unlocked Unlock the Power of AI with GPT-4 Unlocked - Your Comprehensive Guide! @gpt4unlocked ⬜️
📜 HustleGPT-Chronicles Blog for stories covering AI-driven startups @wallaiin ⬜️
🧑‍⚖️ THA - International Trade Law Attorney Building a platform that will be a bridge from lawyers to company owners @omerjpeg ⬜️
🔑 Aidan Virtuoso Empowering entrepreneurs to harness artificial intelligence for growth, efficiency, and innovation. @AidanVirtuoso ⬜️
🧠 ChatGPT Connects Affordable, pay-per-use access to ChatGPT 4. @chatgptconnects ⬜️
🌍 SylvanStride Explore the world through AI-generated content @rsfreitas ⬜️
📰 ViralGPT Your AI-powered source for the latest trends, news, and insights @viralgpt ⬜️
🫀 Fast Life Coverage Using Ai to improve the life insurance buying experience for customers & agents @1MartinMatthews ⬜️
👩‍💻 Non-profit with a mission of improving immigrant women employment in tech @mariluukkainen 🟦
🌳 Zen Naturally Discover natural serenity @zennaturally01 ⬜️
🏎️ f1insider F1 News and articles @maggsgpt ⬜️
🏪 DigitalCreatorShop Courses, Templates, Training for Creators @WendyMaynard ⬜️
🎽 SnuggleStyle Discover the very best in sustainable children's clothing @Vote1QLDnow ⬜️
🏝️ Maldives on a Shoestring Ultimate Guide to Affordable Island Bliss @iththi ⬜️
☁️ CloudyCases Super cute iPhone cases @ItsWaltBitch ⬜️
🧳 Atlas Adventures Discover Unforgettable Destinations Around the World @AtAdventureTrav ⬜️
🏋️ Liftandcross Providing AI Generated routines and tips for your Fitness journey and Healthy lifestyle @liftandcross ⬜️
😃 HappyBodyHub Your AI-driven wellness hub for curated health products @AstralTrading ⬜️
🏠 The Urban Decorator Home Goods Store @MVCancik ⬜️
🖼️ Art Venture AI Printable Coloring Books / Art (AI & digital drawings) @ArtVentureGo ⬜️
🧠 Second Brain OS Distill AI Tools, Content Strategy & Prompt @UmairKamil ⬜️
🐕 Green Paws & Petals Online store for eco-friendly and sustainable pet products @jonathans_blog ⬜️
🥘 Smart Recipe AI AI powered recipe generation @leo_rsousa_ ⬜️

Want to join the challenge?

Reach out to @Banjoe__ on Twitter with the following information:

  • Product/business name
  • Tagline
  • Link to product or Twitter thread tracking your HustleGPT venture

You can also create a pull request and add yourself.

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