Text2Video-Zero - Text-to-Image Diffusion Models are Zero-Shot Video Generators

Created at: 2023-03-21 21:41:40
Language: Python


This repository is the official implementation of Text2Video-Zero.

Text2Video-Zero: Text-to-Image Diffusion Models are Zero-Shot Video Generators Levon Khachatryan, Andranik Movsisyan, Vahram Tadevosyan, Roberto Henschel, Zhangyang Wang, Shant Navasardyan, Humphrey Shi

Paper | Video | Hugging Face Spaces

Our method Text2Video-Zero enables zero-shot video generation using (i) a textual prompt (see rows 1, 2), (ii) a prompt combined with guidance from poses or edges (see lower right), and (iii) Video Instruct-Pix2Pix, i.e., instruction-guided video editing (see lower left). Results are temporally consistent and follow closely the guidance and textual prompts.


  • [03/23/2023] Paper Text2Video-Zero released!
  • [03/25/2023] The first version of our huggingface demo (zero-shot text-to-video generation, Video Instruct Pix2Pix) released!


Will be released soon!



"A cat is running on the grass" "A panda is playing guitar on times square "A man is running in the snow" "An astronaut is skiing down the hill"
"A panda surfing on a wakeboard" "A bear dancing on times square "A man is riding a bicycle in the sunshine" "A horse galloping on a street"
"A tiger walking alone down the street" "A panda surfing on a wakeboard "A horse galloping on a street" "A cute cat running in a beatiful meadow"
"A horse galloping on a street" "A panda walking alone down the street "A dog is walking down the street" "An astronaut is waving his hands on the moon"

Text-To-Video with Pose Guidance

"A bear dancing on the concrete" "An alien dancing under a flying saucer "A panda dancing in Antarctica" "An astronaut dancing in the outer space"

Text-To-Video with Edge Guidance

"White butterfly" "Beautiful girl "A jellyfish" "beautiful girl halloween style"
"Wild fox is walking" "Oil painting of a beautiful girl close-up "A santa claus" "A deer"

Text-To-Video with Edge Guidance and Dreambooth specialization

"anime style" "arcane style "gta-5 man" "avar style"

Video Instruct Pix2Pix

"Replace man with chimpanze" "Make it Van Gogh Starry Night style" "Make it Picasso style"
"Make it Expressionism style" "Make it night" "Make it autumn"


If you use our work in your research, please cite our publication:

    title={Text2Video-Zero: Text-to-Image Diffusion Models are Zero-Shot Video Generators},
    author={Khachatryan, Levon and Movsisyan, Andranik and Tadevosyan, Vahram and Henschel, Roberto and Wang, Zhangyang and Navasardyan, Shant and Shi, Humphrey},
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