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Created at: 2023-05-08 21:49:54

Project ideas to target GSoC 2024


  • Build a multiplayer chess game like
  • Frontend should allow users to signup, create accounts and create a room
  • On room creation, they can share the link with their friend who can join the group as well
  • Add move validation to make sure users can only make valid moves
  • Use either canvas or raw HTML blocks for the game. You may also use a game engine like phaser.
  • You will need to do socket programming since this is a realtime game.

2 player flappy bird

  • Create a multiplayer flappy bird game where users can invite their friends and play against each other
  • Use raw canvas for rendering, and write all physics yourself (Basic physics like acc, velocity ...)
  • You will need to do socket programming since this is a realtime game. Sockets would relay the positions of users to each other.

Create a UI on top of ChatGPT Api

  • Create a ChatGPT clone using their APIs
  • Use their APIs on the backend, relay the information to your frontend
  • Make sure your frontend experience is 10x better than the native chat GPT experience.
  • Allow users to put in their own Chat GPT API keys and use GPT 4.

Create an multi chain airdropping website

  • Build a website that lets users airdrop various crypto currencies to them on their respective testnets
  • User should be allowed to select the chain (ETH, SOL, Polygon, ARB) and put in an address where they want the native token sent
  • User should be able to select the amount they want to