gpt4free-ts - Providing a free OpenAI GPT-4 API ! This is a replication project for the typescript version of xtekky/gpt4free

Created at: 2023-05-04 21:32:13
Language: TypeScript
License: GPL-3.0

GPT4Free TypeScript Version 🆓

Providing a free OpenAI GPT-4 API!

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👍 GPT4 Website Base on this project GPTGOD

Website Feature (Click to expand)

GPTGOD Support

  • [x] Midjourney The Most Powerful AI Drawing System in History
  • [x] Stable Diffusion
  • [x] Claude
  • [x] Chatgpt
  • [x] Chatgpt with internet
  • [x] Create wechat ai robot for yourself, just need one step

In the next two weeks, I will open source all the code for GPTGOD. If you need, Please watch this project or follow me to receive notifications.

Why now? because there are stil some secret config should be removed from that project.

🚩 Reverse target

Still striving to keep updating.

Have implemented models here: If you do not want your website to appear here, please raise an issue and I will remove it immediately.

model support status active time
chatdemo 👍gpt3.5 Active after 2023-06-13 GPT-4/gpt3.5 Active after 2023-06-13 👍GPT-3.5 Active after 2023-06-13 Gpt3.5/ Internet / good search Active after 2023-06-14 GPT-4/3.5 GPT-4/3.5 GPT-3.5 / Internet GPT-3.5

🏃‍♂️ Run

First of all, you should create file .env.

All operation methods require this step.

  • http_proxy: config your proxy if you can not access target website directly
  • forefront use env:
    • rapid_api_key: you should config this if you use forefront api, this apikey is used for receive register email, get api key here
    • EMAIL_TYPE: temp email type includes temp-email temp-email44 tempmail-lol
      • temp-email: soft limit 100req/days, if over use money, need bind credit card! Very Stable!
      • temp-email44: hard limit 100req/days! Stable!
      • tempmail-lol: nothing need, limit 25request/5min. Not Stable.
    • DEBUG: Valid when use forefront You can set =1 when you run local. show reverse process
    • POOL_SIZE: forefront concurrency size. Keep set=1 until you run it successfully!!! You can engage in {POOL_SIZE} conversations concurrently. More pool size, More conversation can be done simultaneously, But use more RAM
  • phind use env:
    • PHIND_POOL_SIZE: phind concurrency size.You can engage in {POOL_SIZE} conversations concurrently. More pool size, More conversation can be done simultaneously, But use more RAM

Run local 🖥️

# install module
# start server
yarn start

Run with docker(Suggest!) 🐳

docker run -p 3000:3000 --env-file .env xiangsx/gpt4free-ts:latest

Deploy with docker-compose 🎭

first, you should create file .env; Follow step "Run with docker


docker-compose up --build -d

🚀 Let's Use GPT4

Return when chat complete***&model=***&site=***

Return with eventstream***&model=***&site=***

Request Params 📝

  • prompt: your question. It can be a string or jsonstr.
    • example jsonstr:[{"role":"user","content":"hello\n"},{"role":"assistant","content":"Hi there! How can I assist you today?"},{"role":"user","content":"who are you"}]
    • example string: who are you
  • model: default gpt3.5-turbo. model include:gpt4 gpt3.5-turbo net-gpt3.5-turbo
  • site: default you. target site, include forefront you chatdemo phind

Site Support Model 🧩

  • forefront :gpt4
  • you: gpt3.5-turbo
  • chatdemo: gpt3.5-turbo
  • phind: net-gpt3.5-turbo

Response Params 🔙

Response when chat end(/ask):

interface ChatResponse {
    content: string;
    error?: string;

Response with stream like, Suggest!!(/ask/stream):

event: message
data: {"content":"I"}

event: done
data: {"content":"'m"}

event: error
data: {"error":"some thind wrong"}


  1. request to site you with history

req:[{"role":"user","content":"hello"},{"role":"assistant","content":"Hi there! How can I assist you today?"},{"role":"user","content":"who are you"}]


  "content": "Hi there! How can I assist you today?"

  1. request to site you with stream return

req: are you


event: message
data: {"content":"I"}

event: message
data: {"content":"'m"}

event: message
data: {"content":" a"}

event: message
data: {"content":" search"}

event: message
data: {"content":" assistant"}
event: done
data: {"content":"done"}

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You may join our discord: for further updates. gpt4free Discord

This is a replication project for the typescript version of gpt4free

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