gosub-browser - A html5 tokenizer / parser that hopefully grow up to be a browser

Created at: 2023-08-09 01:20:38
Language: Rust
License: MIT

GoSub: Gateway to Optimized Searching and Unlimited Browsing

A feeble attempt on writing a browser and learning rust.

Note: code in the main branch is currently not stable and might not even compile.

                      | |    
  __ _  ___  ___ _   _| |__  
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  __/ |  The Gateway to                    
 |___/   Optimized Searching and 
         Unlimited Browsing                    


This repository is part of the GoSub browser project. Currently there is only a single component/repository (this one), but the idea will be that there are many other components that as a whole make up a full-fledged browser. Each of the components can probably function as something standalone (ie: html5 parser, css parser, etc).

In the future, this component (html5 parser) will receive through an API a stream of bytes and will output a stream of events. The events will be consumed by the next component and so on, until we can display something in a window/user agent. This could very well be a text-mode browser, but the idea is to have a graphical browser.


This is a work in progress. The current status is that the parser can parse a few html5 documents, but it is far from ready. The main goal is to be able to parse correctly all the tests in the html5lib-tests repository (https://github.com/html5lib/html5lib-tests). As soon as we can do this, we can try and see if we can generate a DOM tree and then we can start thinking about the next component (css parser).

How to build

This project uses cargo (https://doc.rust-lang.org/cargo/). To build the project, simply run:

cargo build

This will create the following binaries and libs:

File Type Description
gosub-engine lib The actual html5 parser/tokenizer
gosub-browser bin Dummy browser (see below)
parser_test bin A test suite for the parser
tokenizer_test bin A test suite for the tokenizer


This is the actual html5 parser/tokenizer. It is a library that can be used by other projects. It is not a standalone project. It is used by the gosub-browser project.


This is a dummy browser. It is not a real browser, it is just a test project to see if the parser/tokenizer is working and tries to parse the given url on the command line:

$ gosub-browser https://www.google.com


This is a test suite for the parser. It is not a standalone project. It is used by the gosub-engine project. You need to specify the directory to the html5lib-test in order to run, or it will use the default one (./html5lib-tests).

$ parser_test /path/to/html5lib-tests