PayCheck3 - PayDay 3 Server Emulator Attempt

Created at: 2023-08-12 02:50:48
Language: C#
License: MIT


PayDay 3 (Live/Master Branch) Server emulator


  • You must own a legitimate copy of PAYDAY 3 to use this software, which can be purchased at
  • The contributors of PayCheck3 in no way support piracy, and actively ensure that PayCheck3 does not work with an illegitimate copy. We're sorry to have caused any confusion that this could be used for piracy.
  • This project is in no way affliated or endorsed by Starbreeze Entertainment.


Thank you for understanding! I working on a solution, no ETA yet.

Current State

Left to do (& Working on it):

  • WSS Response
  • Party and GameSessions
  • New Responses

Need more Interogation:
UDP Connection

How to run:

  1. Go To Cert folder and follow readme.txt
  2. Copy crt & pfx files and paste next to PayCheck3ServerApp.exe
  3. Start the server.
  4. Go to your c:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts and open it.
  5. Copy all stuff from hosts_edit.txt
  6. Run your Client & Have fun.

If you want your friends to join you, they need to edit the to your IP (Can be Lan or your External)

Where can I get the built server?

In Github Actions you find most recent pushes/request Build version.

Configurate your server.

You see a config.json where you can edit some things that can edit server stuff.


SaveRequest: In here you can save each request when client send any change in the inventory. (Usefull for debug)
Extension: It basicly a json but with a funny extension


IP: Currently is its but can be changed to your IP or anything as IP (IT HOST GSTATIC,WSS,UDP too!!!)
WSS: Can enable/disable to run the HTTPS/WSS Server
UDP: Can enable/disable to run the UDP Server (GameServer?) [NOT USED]
GSTATIC: Can enable/disable to run the GSTATIC server (Enable you to play without internet)
UDP_PORT: Can set Port for UDP connection


Can enable/disable certain features that could land you something now work perfectly.

Soon stuff's

Aka just ideas

How to add your server

Open servers.json
Duplicate the eu-central-1 alias server
Edit the Status, Region, Port, IP to your UDP one