clash-verge-rev - Continuation of Clash Verge - A Clash Meta GUI based on Tauri (Windows, MacOS, Linux)

Created at: 2023-11-22 02:24:03
Language: TypeScript
License: GPL-3.0

Continuation of Clash Verge

A Clash Meta GUI based on Tauri.


Click on the corresponding link below to download the installation package. Supports Windows (x64/x86), Linux (x64/arm64) and macOS 10.15+ (intel/apple).

[Windows x64] [Windows x86] [Windows arm64]

[macOS intel] [macOS apple]

[Linux x64 AppImage] [Linux x64 deb] [Linux x86 AppImage] [Linux x86 deb] [Linux arm64 deb]

Or you can build it yourself. Supports Windows, Linux and macOS 10.15+

Notes: If you could not start the app on Windows, please check that you have Webview2 installed.


  • Since the clash core has been removed. The project no longer maintains the clash core, but only the Clash Meta core.
  • Profiles management and enhancement (by yaml and Javascript). Doc
  • Simple UI and supports custom theme color.
  • Built-in support Clash.Meta(mihomo) core.
  • System proxy setting and guard.

TG Group: @clash_verge_rev


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1. macOS "Clash Verge" is damaged and can't be opened

open the terminal and run sudo xattr -r -d /Applications/Clash\


See for more details.

To run the development server, execute the following commands after all prerequisites for Tauri are installed:

pnpm i
pnpm run check
pnpm dev


This keng is a little big...


This is a learning project for Rust practice.


Issue and PR welcome!


Clash Verge rev was based on or inspired by these projects and so on:


GPL-3.0 License. See License here for details.