fish-shell - fish 是一个智能且用户友好的命令行 shell,适用于 macOS、Linux。

Created at: 2012-05-10 11:00:55
Language: C++

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fish <>
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fish是一个智能且用户友好的命令行shell,适用于macOS,Linux和该系列的其他产品。Fish 包括语法突出显示、自动建议即键入和花哨的选项卡补全等功能,这些功能只需工作,无需配置。



鱼通常像其他贝壳一样工作,如bash或zsh。通过搜索“与其他贝壳不同”这个神奇的短语,可以在 找到一些重要的区别。

详细的用户文档可通过在 fish 中运行获得,也可以在




fish can be installed:

-  using `Homebrew <>`__: ``brew install fish``
-  using `MacPorts <>`__:
   ``sudo port install fish``
-  using the `installer from <>`__
-  as a `standalone app from <>`__

Note: The minimum supported macOS version is 10.10 "Yosemite".

Packages for Linux

Debian、Fedora、openSUSE 和 Red Hat Enterprise Linux/CentOS 的软件包可从 __ 获得。

openSUSE Build Service <>

Ubuntu 的软件包可从 __ 获得,可以使用以下命令进行安装:

fish PPA <>


sudo apt-add-repository ppa:fish-shell/release-3 sudo apt update sudo apt install fish

有关其他发行版的说明,请访问 __。 <>


-  On Windows 10, fish can be installed under the WSL Windows Subsystem
   for Linux with the instructions for the appropriate distribution
   listed above under “Packages for Linux”, or from source with the
   instructions below.
-  Fish can also be installed on all versions of Windows using
   `Cygwin <>`__ (from the **Shells** category).

Building from source

如果你的平台没有可用的软件包,则可以从 __ 和 .有关说明,请参阅建筑<#building>部分。 <>
fish-shell on GitHub <>





Running fish requires:

-  curses or ncurses (preinstalled on most \*nix systems)
-  some common \*nix system utilities (currently ``mktemp``), in
   addition to the basic POSIX utilities (``cat``, ``cut``, ``dirname``,
   ``ls``, ``mkdir``, ``mkfifo``, ``rm``, ``sort``, ``tee``, ``tr``,
   ``uname`` and ``sed`` at least, but the full coreutils plus ``find`` and
   ``awk`` is preferred)
-  The gettext library, if compiled with
   translation support

The following optional features also have specific requirements:

-  builtin commands that have the ``--help`` option or print usage
   messages require ``nroff`` or ``mandoc`` for
-  automated completion generation from manual pages requires Python 3.5+
-  the ``fish_config`` web configuration tool requires Python 3.5+ and a web browser
-  system clipboard integration (with the default Ctrl-V and Ctrl-X
   bindings) require either the ``xsel``, ``xclip``,
   ``wl-copy``/``wl-paste`` or ``pbcopy``/``pbpaste`` utilities
-  full completions for ``yarn`` and ``npm`` require the
   ``all-the-package-names`` NPM module
-  ``colorls`` is used, if installed, to add color when running ``ls`` on platforms
   that do not have color support (such as OpenBSD)

Switching to fish

如果你希望使用 fish 作为默认外壳,请使用以下命令:


chsh -s /usr/local/bin/fish


如果尚未添加 fish,请使用以下命令以允许 fish 作为你的登录外壳:



echo /usr/local/bin/fish |sudo tee -a /etc/shells

要切换回默认 shell,你可以运行(替换为或根据需要)。

chsh -s /bin/bash




Compiling fish requires:

-  a C++11 compiler (g++ 4.8 or later, or clang 3.3 or later)
-  CMake (version 3.5 or later)
-  a curses implementation such as ncurses (headers and libraries)
-  PCRE2 (headers and libraries) - optional, this will be downloaded if missing
-  gettext (headers and libraries) - optional, for translation support

Sphinx is also optionally required to build the documentation from a
cloned git repository.

Additionally, running the test suite requires Python 3.5+ and the pexpect package.

Building from source (all platforms) - Makefile generator

要安装 到 ,请运行:


..代码:: bash

mkdir 构建;光盘构建 cmake ..使须藤制作安装

可以使用 的参数更改安装目录。


从源代码构建 (macOS) - Xcode

Note: The minimum supported macOS version is 10.10 "Yosemite".

.. code:: bash

   mkdir build; cd build
   cmake .. -G Xcode

An Xcode project will now be available in the ``build`` subdirectory.
You can open it with Xcode, or run the following to build and install in

.. code:: bash

   xcodebuild -scheme install

The install directory can be changed using the
``-DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX`` parameter for ``cmake``.

Build options

In addition to the normal cmake build options (like ``CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX``), fish has some other options available to customize it.

- BUILD_DOCS=ON|OFF - whether to build the documentation. This is automatically set to OFF when sphinx isn't installed.
- INSTALL_DOCS=ON|OFF - whether to install the docs. This is automatically set to on when BUILD_DOCS is or prebuilt documentation is available (like when building in-tree from a tarball).
- FISH_USE_SYSTEM_PCRE2=ON|OFF - whether to use an installed pcre2. This is normally autodetected.
- MAC_CODESIGN_ID=String|OFF - the codesign ID to use on Mac, or "OFF" to disable codesigning.
- WITH_GETTEXT=ON|OFF - whether to build with gettext support for translations.

Note that fish does *not* support static linking and will attempt to error out if it detects it.

Help, it didn’t build!

If fish reports that it could not find curses, try installing a curses
development package and build again.

On Debian or Ubuntu you want:


   sudo apt install build-essential cmake ncurses-dev libncurses5-dev libpcre2-dev gettext

On RedHat, CentOS, or Amazon EC2:


   sudo yum install ncurses-devel

Contributing Changes to the Code

See the `Guide for Developers <CONTRIBUTING.rst>`__.

Contact Us

Questions, comments, rants and raves can be posted to the official fish
mailing list at
or join us on our `
channel <>`__. Or use the `fish tag
on Unix & Linux Stackexchange <>`__.
There is also a fish tag on Stackoverflow, but it is typically a poor fit.

Found a bug? Have an awesome idea? Please `open an
issue <>`__.

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