The-Grand-Complete-Data-Science-Materials - 包含视频和材料的完整数据科学指南

Created at: 2023-09-19 14:19:22
Language: Jupyter Notebook
License: GPL-2.0

The Grand Complete Data Science Guide With Videos And Materials

1. Complete Python Playlist For Data Analytics And Data Science

2. Complete Stats Playlist For Data Analytics And Data Science

3. Complete SQL For Data Analytics And Data Science

4. Git And Github Tutorials

5. EDA And Feature Engineering And Feature Selection

6. Machine Learning Playlist

7. Complete Deep Learning And NLP Playlist:

8. Important Frameworks for Production Deployments

9. Complete AWS Sagemaker And Sagemaker Studio Tools

10. Complete MLOPS tutorials

11. End To End ML,DL and NLP Projects- Entire Lifecycle Till Deployment Using Open Source Tools

12. Generative AI And Open AI Playlist:

13. Pyspark Complete Tutorials

14. Complete Data Science,Machine Learning And Deep Learning Interview Questions


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